Artisan Chocolate Collective

The vision Dogtooth Chocolate has always been for something much greater. A team of passionate people, coming together for a greater good.


Meet the team:



Local artisan chocolatier , Nelson BC Chocolate

Scott Ruegg:


"Decadent delights" came to Scott's mind as a passion project in November of 2020. Chris was living in Golden and Scott in Invermere, they reconnected as old friends and the idea of producing chocolate began to grow. They transitioned to Dogtooth Chocolate in January 2021 and started to focus on making bars. 

Scott is a crucial component of Dogtooth Chocolate.








Canadian Head Chocolatier from Nelson BC. British Columbia fine chocolate bars and bonbons. Cocoa butter painting chef Chef







Chris Parnell


"Chris has always loved chocolate, ever since he was a boy. After Reconnecting with Scott in 2020 and hearing about the idea to create Chocolate Art, he began to pursue the business as a central focus in life. Not just to grow a small business, but to have a humble yet meaningful impact to our world. Thus creating the vision for Dogtooth Nation and Dogtooth5ever.






Canada's best chocolateir collective. Dayna Larson play a vital role in British Columbia Artisan Chocolate and Nelson BC locally made, fair trade, sustainable organic chocolate. She is an artist and author.



Dayna Larson

"Our original Dogtooth Artist and apprentice chocolatier. Dayna has spent most her life in and around the Kootenays. Her passion for chocolate is shadowed by her passion for good. Dayna strives to make this world a better place and her vision for her own business is that of Dogtooth's. It only made sense that Dogtooth Chocolate and Mountain Moon Studio would collaborate and merge.








Nelson BC Chocolate

Nigel Z

"Originally Dogtooth's #1 supporter and now business partner. Nigel is a mastermind of marketing and creating content. He is still new to our team and we are very excited to bring him on full time."